Perma-Slush! Luscious frozen drinks that never melt.


Keeping things alive under lights is a big concern for food stylists.  While there are certainly times that call for the beauty and simplicity of a real frozen drink, being able to create a fakie that can sit on the set all day is must have skill for any pro stylist.  You'll need polymer crystals, food coloring, juice, water or other liquids and some fun garnishes.


Mix up the polymer crystals in a bowl with your liquid of choice.  Go ahead, be creative!  I've made fakie slushies out of soda, fruit juice, water, coffee and even thinned out jam.  


Add your coloring or dessicated fruit.


Now's the fun part.  Rim your glass with pretty sugars and salts.


Garnish with fresh elements, and voila! You've got yourself a fancy drinks party!