Cherry Sparkler 4th of July Drink

Add a little fireworks to your 4th of July drinks!


Go ahead and add a little sparkle to your fourth of July party this weekend!  With the stonefruit popping up all over the place in our fair city, we were inspired to update this fancy cherry cocktail from Val’s Juicy Drinks book.  We swapped the champagne for Prosecco to make it even easier to add a little fizz to your Fourth.  Hope you enjoy this tasty little number while watching the fireworks this holiday.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!


4th of July Cherry Sparkler

Yields 6 glasses

Kirsch to taste

1 cup of Cherry Juice

1 bottle of chilled Prosecco

Fresh Cherries to garnish

Crushed Ice

Place a cherry in the bottom of each glass and fill with crushed ice.  Pour in a splash of Kirsch followed by the cherry juice to fill one fourth of the way up.  Top with the chilled Prosecco and finish with another cherry.