And now, Ladies and Gentlemen……WHIMSY FARE!

Well, I don't know about you guys, but 'round these parts Summer vacation rolled in and we lost all sense of duty!  Poor little Hudson Workshops (my second baby) got completely neglected as Dakota and I spent the summer frolicking in the surf, eating lots of pizza, and trotting off to fab locales near and far.  

Summer vacation does mean more play time together and it inspired me to channel my inner crafter into a new blog category called Whimsy Fare.  You know, fun food projects that serve NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE WHATSOEVER!  I have long enjoyed the rare food styling job that comes along and requires that I do something completely ridiculous with food.  Having a young child gives me extra incentive to do more of this sort of thing at home.  

Ever since Dakota's preschool started watching the San Diego Zoo's Panda Cam he has been obsessed with the black and white bears.  So for our first fun food foray we decided to make a puffed rice panda circus.  Of course!

Dakota was really most interested in being the official sprinkle taste tester, but we did set up a cute scene.