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Chef Weezy prepares Weezy Like Sunday Morning Brunch on the West Coast

Brunch: “Weezy Like Sunday Morning”, West Coast edition!

  Our friend, the expert, Louise “Weezy” Leonard; winner of the The Taste 2014, and accomplished chef and food stylist, has created quite the stir in NYC with her “Weezy Like Sunday Morning” Brunch at The Spring Lounge.  Just as winter was seriously bearing down on the East Coast, Weezy escaped to bring us the  first ever “Weezy Like…

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Valentine's Day, Sweet treats, sweets,

Best Valentine’s Day – Sweet Treats!

  Let’s face it, the BEST Valentine’s Day is all about sweets for your sweetie!  This holiday reminded us here at Hudson Workshops of a totally fun marshmallow cookbook we created for Chicago Metallic Bake Ware.  Who knew there were SO MANY things you could make out of marshmallows? From the simple swirled red and pink hearts…….…

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Robot made out of rice cereal

Rice Krispie Treat Robot Cake!

Every now and then I get a food styling job that fits into my favorite category “WHIMSY FARE”!  I am a sculptor first, a stylist second and a cook last, so, any project that challenges me to create something unusual out of food is where I get to put my best skills to the test. …

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TECHmunch LA, here we come!

So excited to speak this weekend at this awesome event!  What a great opportunity to hang out and talk shop with some of the brightest bulbs in the food media biz.  Join us, won’t you?  Click this link and use the code “friendsoftm” for 15% off tix to the conference.  For more info about TECHmunch LA check out…

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And now, Ladies and Gentlemen……WHIMSY FARE!

Well, I don't know about you guys, but 'round these parts Summer vacation rolled in and we lost all sense of duty!  Poor little Hudson Workshops (my second baby) got completely neglected as Dakota and I spent the summer frolicking in the surf, eating lots of pizza, and trotting off to fab locales near and far.   Summer vacation does mean more play…

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I’ll see you in my dreams, chocolate marshmallow moon pie

Last week I spent five days locked in a dark photo studio with dozens of chocolate truffles while styling the catalogue for See's Candies.   For a bona fide sweet freak like me, this is a true test of will.  It becomes a water water everywhere but not a drop to drink scenario because every piece of…

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