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Pickled vegeatable, pickled eggs, pickling jars

In a Pickle

Summer is nearly upon us and that means outdoor eating, visits to the beach and long walks and picnics.  The farmer's markets are beginning to burst with brighlty colored vegetables and fruit; all excellent candidates for pickling.  The first thing I like to pickle are eggs.  Pickled eggs make a fantastic snack!  They are also…

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Ice Cream, just fakin’

Ask any seasoned Food Stylist what are the hardest foods to shoot and you always hear them scream ICE CREAM!!!!!   It's #1. However with this no fail recipe for incredibly realistic looking fake ice cream you will not be screaming. There are so many factors to think about when shooting ice cream and a few questions to ask…

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Oooey Gooey Cookie Pull

Gooey chocolate pulls are standard shots for the big baking companies and they can be a bit challenging.  Normally it is live action, on location, working off a truck and shooting in the kitchen where there is no room to maneuver.  You are there under the hot lights with only the whole crew and the…

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