food styling and photo workshop

Food Styling & Photo Workshop with Hudson Workshops

Food Styling & Photo Workshop with Hudson Workshops


Who knew when we planned this food styling and photography workshop for the fall, I’d be writing this on a triple digit day and bemoaning the fact that I can’t wear a single long sleeve item, when I’ve been looking forward to doing so for sooo long!?

Anyway, we are having our fall workshop at the on Sunday Nov. 1st and we’d love to hang out with you in the air condition, styling and shooting pretty food!

Val will be instructing on savory food presentation, including a salad and a main dish.

Sienna will be instructing on all things sweet!

I will be instructing on lighting and composition from camera.  Bring your own camera as you will have the opportunity to create you own dishes and shoot them!

Check out our website at for details and let us know if you are interested.

Let’s all roll up our sleeves, our long sleeves hopefully, and get down to the work of having fun!