Mama Mia!

Pasta_Supplies retouch

This is what you need: a big pasta pot, strainer, tongs and pasta of choice. retouched pasta prep

Drop the pasta into boiling water and cook until al dente, just three quarters of the way through the normal cooking time.  The pasta does have to be flexible.Pasta_Step3Strain and run immediately under cold water.  Leave it to drain completely you want all the water to come out of the pasta.


Dump it out.  This lovely clump is what it should look like.  Store in an airtight Ziploc until ready to use Even overnight in the fridge, great for prepping ahead of a hectic shoot day!

pasta 4 retouchedResurrect the pasta by pouring over room temperature water and tossing as you go.  Now you are ready to style!


Mama Mia is right,  pasta can be a tricky number to work with but using this technique will give you success on a plate everytime.  Don't be tempted to add oil or salt to the boiling water, that is a major mistake, you want to keep the cooking process simple and fast.  It doesn't matter what kind of pasta you choose, it will work.  It is the perfect way to prep ahead of time if you are on a big commercial or TV show.