And now, Ladies and Gentlemen……WHIMSY FARE!

Well, I don't know about you guys, but 'round these parts Summer vacation rolled in and we lost all sense of duty!  Poor little Hudson Workshops (my second baby) got completely neglected as Dakota and I spent the summer frolicking in the surf, eating lots of pizza, and trotting off to fab locales near and far.   Summer vacation does mean more play…

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Pickled vegeatable, pickled eggs, pickling jars

In a Pickle

Summer is nearly upon us and that means outdoor eating, visits to the beach and long walks and picnics.  The farmer's markets are beginning to burst with brighlty colored vegetables and fruit; all excellent candidates for pickling.  The first thing I like to pickle are eggs.  Pickled eggs make a fantastic snack!  They are also…

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I’ll see you in my dreams, chocolate marshmallow moon pie

Last week I spent five days locked in a dark photo studio with dozens of chocolate truffles while styling the catalogue for See's Candies.   For a bona fide sweet freak like me, this is a true test of will.  It becomes a water water everywhere but not a drop to drink scenario because every piece of…

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K-Town Food Crawl With Ji and Weezy

On a recent and rare rainy weekend, we decided that expanding our knowledge of the best eateries in Korea Town was in order.  Who to call?  My neighborhood K-Town experts on eating and drinking Ji Hong and Louise "Weezy" Leonard.    These ladies make it their business to get down to Korea Town on a regular basis for…

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Gilded eggs in egg cup

Gilding the Egg

We at Hudson Workshops run into a lot of uber talented folks in our travels around the photo-sphere.  We thought, why not share the special talents of these ladies and gents with you?  That's just what we're going to do in a new category called "Our Friend: the Expert."  Meet our first expert, the lovely Amy…

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gold leaf decorated easter eggs, hudson workshops, craft, styling, photography,

Sneak Peek! Gold Leaf Easter Eggs, with Amy Paliwoda

Want to learn how to make these incredible decorated eggs???  Amy Paliwoda, our dear friend, prop stylist extraordinaire, and owner of The Surface Library will be sharing her process with us next week!  Keep a look out for our blog post just in time for the holiday!  …

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