Robot made out of rice cereal

Rice Krispie Treat Robot Cake!


Every now and then I get a food styling job that fits into my favorite category “WHIMSY FARE”!  I am a sculptor first, a stylist second and a cook last, so, any project that challenges me to create something unusual out of food is where I get to put my best skills to the test.  I was asked to create a Rice Krispie treat robot, for a fantastical kids party scene in a Target ad.

I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out how to make a stiffer Rice Krispie treat… (Add more Rice Krispies, duh.)

At three o’clock on my prep day I had a nearly complete version of a sitting robot and sent snaps to the client.

Rice Krispie Treat robot

I hoped they would love it, sign off on it, and I could move on to the many other items I still had to create and deliver to set by 7 AM the next day.

The first note that came back was: “Amazing! We love it!”

Just as I breathed a sigh of relief, my phone buzzed with this message: “Just one small change…. Can you make all of the red parts blue, and all of the blue parts red?”


“And can he be standing?”


Suuuuuuuure, just a teensy tweak, right?  Back to square one!

This was not good news! I basically had to start all over again.  I spent five minutes cursing and sweating…and then I got to work.

It can be quite a challenge, balancing client needs and desires, with the existing physical laws of the space time continuum.   How could I do this with the amount of hours left until lights up on set?

In moments like these I try to keep my artist’s compass in mind.  As a visual person, I have a strong inner voice that will not hush until I am satisfied with the look of a thing.  I can’t help but keep tweaking until my compass points to true north and everything feels just right.

I try to remember that client’s have their own voice guiding them to their true north.

It’s a collaborative effort, and we are all after the same goal: a fantastic final image.

In the end, the final version was so much better than my first try, it was well worth the extra effort!