Oooey Gooey Cookie Pull

Gooey chocolate pulls are standard shots for the big baking companies and they can be a bit challenging.  Normally it is live action, on location, working off a truck and shooting in the kitchen where there is no room to maneuver.  You are there under the hot lights with only the whole crew and the talent (probably some adorable chocolate chip cookie addled child that has now eaten too much sugar) waiting for you to make it all happen.   On set nothing is predictable or controlled. That's why you want to be able to rely on your time worn food styling techniques. Once you've mastered the elusive cookie pull you'll be plain sailing.  Likea good boy scout, the food stylist's motto is "be prepared."  


Get your tools in order, you're going to need 'em!


Sienna gave me her camera ready chocolate cookie recipe, it's a dream.

CookiePull_Step2Consistency is key, make sure your cookies are going to bake up uniform in size and shape.

CookiePull_Step3Placing extra chocolate is tricky business. CookiePullNew_2_cropped



There's one more step to creating the perfect pull.  We'd love to share it and Sienna's perfect cookie recipe with you.  Come visit us at a workshop soon!